Monday, January 6, 2020

New Year, New Content

We're almost a week into 2019 and If I had more than 1 follower they'd probably notice what a fuckin ghost town this blog is. I've been here for a year and I've only posted 3 reviews and spent more time reposting stuff I've uploaded to other sites. It's been months since I've written anything longer than a paragraph, let alone a review. There are various factors for this: Personal issues, a few months where I didn't have a working computer, my ADHD but there's a big problem that's been keeping me from writing: doing a comedic recap/review is harder to do in a written format than a video format than you'd think. I have no idea how sites like Jabootu's Bad Movie Dimension and I-Mockery did it back in the pre-YouTube days.

Because of that, I'll be focusing on shorter reviews. Don't worry, I'll still try (and fail) to be funny since these types of movies aren't exactly the ones that require critical examination of their themes and character development. I unfortunately can't promise when the first review of 2020 will drop but I can promise you the subject of said review. Trust me, it's a fitting one....

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